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Smoked Salmon and Goats Cheese Mini Quiches

These mini quiches make a delicious dinner with a fresh green salad or are great for entertaining. Fab for picnic dining too as you can serve hot or cold. Use puff or shortcrust pastry, whichever you prefer (I’ve used puff here.) For crispy pastry (no-one likes a soggy bottom!) blind bake the pastry first.  

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4 large free range eggs

1 spring onion (green part finely sliced)

150ml light cream

1/2 cup light milk

75g of smoked salmon

60g goats cheese

2 sheets of puff or shortcrust pastry (if using tart pan, 3 sheets if using muffin pan)

60g grated tasty cheese

salt and pepper to season

2 x 6 cup muffin pans or 2 x 4 cup tart pans (as pictured below)

Makes 8 tart size or 12 muffin size (Feel free to double the quantity as there are never leftovers!)





1.Preheat over to 200deg C

2.Grease muffin or tart pans and cut sheets of pastry to fit the 2 trays. (Cutting each pastry sheet into 4 should fit perfectly) Use a fork to prick base of pastry to allow pastry to rise.

3.Line pastry cases with baking paper and use ceramic beads, raw beans or uncooked rice to blind bake for approx. 20mins at 200deg C. Lower oven temp to 180deg C once finished blind baking.

4.Meanwhile in a bowl mix eggs, cream, milk, smoked salmon, goats cheese and half the grated cheese and season with salt and pepper.

5.Once pastry has been blind baked remove ceramic beads and baking paper and add filling mixture. Top each with remainder of the cheese and finely sliced spring onion and bake for approximately 40mins at 180deg C. You will know when they are cooked as they will puff up!

6.Serve with a large green salad. Enjoy!





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