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About Golden Monkey


ABOUT GOLDEN MONKEY day when I was making pasta sauce way back in 2011, after cursing the tomato stain on my white t-shirt (yet again!) I had a light bulb moment that a denim apron would be a cool and beautiful thing.

Others thought so too and I started supplying local cafes. It was the start of Golden Monkey, a brand dedicated to the love of that honest, authentic and timeless fabric that is denim.

Since that day, lots of denim aprons have been made and worn by other white t-shirted messy cooks, painters, potters, and gardeners as well as by cafes, restaurants, wineries, florists and hotels here in Australia and overseas.

Golden Monkey has grown to include other denim homewares and lifestyle essentials for you, your home and your four legged friends.

My focus is on ethical and sustainable sourcing and production and the use of organic fabrics wherever possible. I know who makes my products and how they are made, with most being made locally here in Melbourne, Australia. All are made in and environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.

Golden Monkeys' mission is to create unique, well made, long lasting and sustainable pieces you can't live without. 












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